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Taking responsibility for our environmental footprint is a given for us. Our sustainability commitment runs through everything we do. Since 2011, we have used biofuel on more than 1500 flights, we buy 50% of the biojet fuel in the world and we are the only European airline with daily intercontinental flights on biofuel. Today it is the best option. It could reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 85%.
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Together we’re creating change!

In these films you can see how our sustainability commitment runs through everything we do, from biofuel to the catering on board. We’ve also added some tips on how you can travel more sustainably.

Tip #1

Pack light! Every gram matters when you’re in the air, because the lighter the plane, the less fuel it uses. Remember that there can be a big difference in weight between different bags, too.

Tip #2

Compare different airlines and what they’re doing for the environment before booking your ticket. Check out what sort of climate goals the airlines have set for themselves, for example.
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A first step towards local biofuel?

At the same time as we opened our most sustainable destination Växjö, Sweden, we launched a project together with several local partners to investigate the feasibility of producing biojet fuel in the region. This project has received financing from the Swedish Energy Agency. Until then, we allocate 5% biofuel for every flight to and from Växjö. That equals to 120 000 liter biofuel per year.
The project: Flying on forest residues

Tip #3

Carbon offset your trip. You can do this when you book your ticket and it’s up to you how much you want to offset.
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Tip #4

If you’re flying on business, check whether your company climate offsets or does something else to help ensure more sustainable business travel.

On our way to 2030

One of KLMs most important sustainability strategies within our operation is the reduction of our environmental footprint. KLM aims to have reduced our CO2 emissions by more than 10% by 2030, compared to 2018. This is a 50% reduction of CO2 per passenger kilometre compared to 2005.
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Tip #5

Does the airline you’re flying with offer digital newspapers onboard? If so, download the app in advance and reduce the amount of paper needed on board – which also reduces the weight of the plane.
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