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Making changes where it matters

The aviation industry accounts for 2% of all CO2 emissions. That’s not sustainable. In 2008 KLM established a climate action plan, and every day we work with initiatives to promote sustainable aviation. Together we’re creating change, until it’s sustainable! Let’s make 2019 a memorable one and find out how YOU can make a difference.
Our 2018 achievements

TIP #1

Pack light! Every gram matters when you’re in the air, because the lighter the plane, the less fuel it uses.

TIP #2

Take a ride share service or public transportation to get to the airport.

Did you know?

In Canada, all of our airports are a part of the glycol recycling program. Glycol is the liquid used on the aircrafts during the de-icing process. Let’s reduce our waste and turn it into opportunities.

TIP #3

KLM has an app to help you check in and get your electronic boarding pass. No need to print your boarding pass!‘
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Tip #4

You can join the Flying Blue family and accumulate points and convert them into charity!
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Did you know?

KLM gives you the possibility to reduce your carbon footprint with our program CO2ZERO. For $25 CAD on a Toronto – Amsterdam flight, you can make your flight CO2 neutral and be a part of the change!
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TIP #5

Download your Newspaper via the KLM app in advance and reduce the amount of paper needed on board – which also reduces the weight of the plane.
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